Wild, poetic, uproarious and anthemic. The Man and The Lake is an Adriatic folk-rock band based in Bristol, UK. The band's eclectic sound is inspired by Italian, Romani and Balkan music and blended with American and British folk-rock. They bring fiery rhythms, dark notes and stories from far away. Their shows have been described as "a dance-off at a funeral", with diverse influences that will drive you ecstatically into a ritual Venetian dance.

The band is composed of Mattia Maragno, singer and guitarist; Jack Cookson, double-bassist and backing vocals; Nic Burn on the drums, Celeste Cantor-Stephens on the trumpet and Robbie Godwin on the violin.

Mattia Maragno Lead Singer / Rythm Guitar

Jack Cookson Double Bass / Backing Vocals

Nic Burn Drums

Celeste Cantor-Stephens Trumpet